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    Alice McCall S/S 2015

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    Laura Johnston
    A Passing Thought of Periwinkle
    12x12” acrylic on canvas

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  5. In Purbalingga, central Java, numerous small workshops represent the first step in a global supply chain. Almost all workers are women, all of them scraping a living by measuring and cutting artificial hair to the requisite size for false eyelashes, and then knitting them onto a thin plastic thread. The job requires intense concentration, often leaving workers with sore eyes and backs. Their financial remuneration for such monotonous work is about $0.04 per pair, sometimes lower. By the time the product reaches Western consumers, the price they pay has often reached $10 a pair – a mark-up of 2,400%.

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    Steven Patrick Morrissey

    "Age shouldn’t affect you. You’re either marvellous or you’re boring, regardless of your age.

    Camberwell Foxes Radio & Blog

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    Jan Voerman jun. (Dutch, 1890-1976).

    Flowers, oil on canvas, 35 x 44 cm.

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    Olympia Le Tan - Paris Fashion Week - Spring 2015

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    ali-oop. ali michael by kt auleta for bad day #15.

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    Opus PJW320 Study N°3600 by ph. Paul Jung

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